GarageBand iOS Tutorial Series

By: Bradley White | Published: 20th July 2018

Just Getting Started with GarageBand?

Apple’s GarageBand iOS app may be a cut down version of it’s bigger, desktop based brother, but it’s still a very powerful piece of music making software. The added fact of it being completely free means that anyone can download GarageBand onto their iPad or iPhone and get started with music making, which is why we’ve created our free GarageBand iOS tutorial series.

So whether you’ve just downloaded the GarageBand iOS app for your first foray into music production, or you just want to sharpen your skills then this series of videos is perfect for you. Split into 19 digestible videos each covering a different aspect of the app, our tutorial series will have you making songs in GarageBand in no time at all.

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GarageBand iPad Tutorial

What do the Tutorials Cover?

These are the topics covered by each video in the tutorial series in order:

  • Setting up your first GarageBand project
  • How to use GaragBand’s Song Sections
  • How to edit MIDI in GarageBand
  • Using GarageBand’s Smart Strings
  • How to use GarageBand’s Smart Drums
  • GarageBand’s Guitar Amps and Effects
  • GarageBand’s Drummer
  • How to use plug-ins and AUv3 effects in GarageBand
  • GarageBand’s Beat Sequencer
  • Automation in GarageBand
  • How to use Inter-App Audio and AUv3 Instruments in GarageBand
  • GarageBand’s arpeggiator
  • GarageBand’s sampler
  • How to change note articulation in GarageBand
  • Apple Loops and Audio files in GarageBand
  • Remix FX
  • Live Loops
  • Alchemy Synthesizer
  • How to export your tracks

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