5 Musicians Embracing Mobile Technology

Musicians are constantly looking for ways to set themselves apart from the crowd and engage their fanbase in innovative and artistic ways beyond releasing music and playing live shows. So it’s no surprise that plenty of musicians have jumped on the mobile app bandwagon. Whether it’s releasing an app to tie in with an album release, or just as a … Read More

Audio Units

We are proud to be part of the mobile music community, embracing AUv3 as the future for iOS music production.

Mixing Console Apps: the Future of Live Sound

Mixing Console Apps

The introduction of digital desks to the world of live sound has been revolutionary. Although initially very expensive, prices have dropped over the years and they’re now more affordable and accessible than ever. Considering the features digital desks offer, such as being able to save and recall features and their extra flexibility in terms of routing, it’s not hard to … Read More


For simpler projects, we rapidly build audio/visual applications using Apple’s high-level frameworks


We are specialists in low-level, real-time audio applications and signal processing techniques.

How to Reduce CPU Usage in Your iOS DAW

iOS CPU Overload

While your musical creativity may have no limits, unfortunately your device does. If you’re loading up multiple instances of a complex synth or piling on tons of plugins and effects, it won’t be long before your device just can’t take any more. This limit depends on the CPU of the device. The better the processor is, the more your device … Read More

Basics of Synthesis Part 3: Filters

Synthesiser Filters

Following on from last time, where we looked at shaping synth sounds with an amp envelope, in this instalment we’re going to be looking at how to shape sounds with a filter. Filters allow you to attenuate and cut out different frequencies. This is an essential part of subtractive synthesis, as you’re generally starting with a harmonically rich waveform as … Read More

Basics of Synthesis Part 2: Amp Envelope

Amp Envelope

So, if you read through the last part of the Basics of Synthesis you’ll have selected your initial waveform – but what next? The raw waveform by itself isn’t the most inspiring but we can shape the sound by controlling how the volume of the sound changes over time. This is all done with something called an Amp Envelope. Envelopes … Read More

Basics of Synthesis Part 1: Oscillators

Synthesiser Oscillator

In the right hands a synthesiser is capable of creating almost any sound you can imagine, but no matter what synth you’re using the process of building a patch pretty much always starts in the same place: with an oscillator. The oscillator is the part of the synth’s circuit that actually generates the sound – this is your initial building … Read More

Native vs Cross-Platform – Which is best for Audio Apps?

Native vs Cross-Platform Apps

The decision of whether to develop natively or whether to go cross-platform is one of the most important considerations when developing a mobile app. Each method has its own merits, and depending on the kind of app you’re developing, app one route will be preferable over the other. But before we get ahead of ourselves, what are exactly are native … Read More