FS Reverser Delay

An infinitely useful delay effect with a unique reverse mode. Enhance your sound palette with spacious echoes and deep, breathing ambient soundscapes.




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Delay with a Twist.

Stereo delay featuring a reverse mode, filters and Feedback, Offset and mix controls.

Stereo Delay

Crystal clear stereo delay with completely independent controls for the left and right channels.

Tape-Like Resyncing

Tape-like resyncing of delay offset.


Independent reverse mode for left and right channels makes sonic experimentation simple.

Variable State Filter

Select between high and low pass filter for tonal shaping of the repeats.


Use our inspiring factory presets as a starting point or create and save your own settings.

Simple & Intuitive Interface

The Reverser Delay’s clear design makes it easy to dial in your perfect settings


Works With All Your Favourite Audio Hosts.

Garageband, AUM, Cubasis, BeatMaker 3, and many more.
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