Meet The Team

FutureSonic is a unique team of music and technology experts with a wealth of combined knowledge and experience, who all share a deep interest in everything music, audio and mobile.

David Gibson

Managing Director

David’s interest in technology, audio, and the potential of iOS as a music making platform led to him found FutureSonic. Aside from his work at FutureSonic, David is the Lead Producer at Bass Choir. He also creates techno music under the alias EjwT, with releases on record labels such as Different is Different Records, Snail Juice Records, Subwoofer Records, One Man Army Records, Plummet and Schwa.

David Harrison


David is a self described synth nerd, lifelong West Ham fan and Pavement obsessive. With fifteen years’ experience in Operations Management for global companies, David is in charge of day to day project management at FutureSonic.

Andy Bettis

Lead Developer

With 25 years of experience in Mac programming and 7 years experience in iOS, Andy is head of the development team at FutureSonic. Outside of work Andy has a number of musical projects from performing regularly with a local R&B band to releasing solo synth music as Renmei, to playing the occasional bit of Balkan folk.

Adam Allard

iOS Developer & Designer

Adam is a graduate of the University of Kent where he gained a first class honours degree in Multimedia Technology and Design. Being both a designer and developer, Adam is interested in exploring the possibilities of touchscreens to develop intuitive, attractive and functional interfaces. Outside of work, Adam can be found taking part in a range of outdoor pursuits, including surfing, cross country, and polo.

Bradley White

Marketing Apprentice

Bradley is responsible for marketing and content creation at FutureSonic. He holds a Master’s Degree in Commercial Music and is obsessed with all things Radiohead. Outside of work his time is mostly spent writing and producing music of his own.

Bash Sentongo

iOS Developer

Bash is a recent Computer Science graduate, with previous iOS development experience from working at a startup straight out of uni. Bash’s interests include watching football, reading, and learning to build web backends in Node.js.

James Measey

iOS Developer

James has recently graduated from the University of the West of England with a degree in Audio Engineering. He has experience programming Java, Objective-C and Swift. Outside of work, James' interests lie in Digital Signal Processing, music and blockchain.

Diana Dezso

iOS Developer

Diana is a graduate of the the Technical University of Cluj Napoca (Transilvania) and has over 4 years of SAP development experience on the CRM module. She fell in love with iOS development and decided that it might be fun to start as a junior again. Outside of work, she enjoys going to the gym, taking long walks around the city and cycling.