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AudioKit is the leading open-source audio framework for iOS, MacOS and Apple Watch. Built by a core team of dedicated audio technology professionals all over the world, AudioKit enables developers to quickly add professional audio functionality to their apps.

AudioKit Open-Source Audio iOS


Enhance the existing feature set of the AudioKit framework with implementations of user-requested features and other functionality.


We looked at two of the most heavily requested features on the framework’s backlog, dynamically reordering the audio graph and offline processing. Our first feature enabled users to dynamically reorder the audio graph. This means that users can now change the audio players, generators and effects live. Previously, they would be required to stop and rebuild the audio engine every time they wanted to make a change, which has a detrimental effect on UX and severly limits the scope for developers to create interesting and unique audio apps.

Secondly, we created an implementation for offline processing. We had previously implemented offline processing on the now defunct Amazing Audio Engine, so it seemed a natural fit. This feature enables users to process audio faster than real-time, which is a crucial feature for any pro-level audio application; particularly those that are required to ‘bounce’ or export audio content to other parts of the application, or to other applications.


AudioKit is the foundation of many thousands of different apps on the App Store and our work ensures that every one of those developers, and the users of their apps, are better equipped to create and enjoy audio and music applications on their iOS devices than ever before.AudioKit Open-Source Audio

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