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Rokacom is a secure voice call and messaging app for iPhone and iPad, using the latest in VOIP and end-to-end encryption technology. Designed for a managed enterprise environment and offering global availability, Rokacom ensures that your business affairs remain private and secure, wherever you are in the world.
  • Secure VOIP voice calls and messaging.
  • Contacts storage and management features.
  • Enterprise managed with global availability.

Rokacom Security App


The ongoing development, support and maintainence of the Rokacom application.


Implementing a new encryption algorithm was high on the agenda for Rokacom. We undertook all of the low-level audio work to receive, process and encrypt the incoming and outgoing audio data for the voice calling feature. We also implemented the new algorithm on the applications’ messaging feature, encryption text and the rich-media assets.

Additionally, Rokacom had a significant requirement to refactor their existing codebase. We ran an audit of their codebase and advised on how best to restructure the application to support their plans for future growth. We implemented many different fixes across the entire codebase, modernising their code and removing technical debt.


With the new encryption algorithm in place, Rokacom’s application became truly unique in the marketplace, offering a level of security and privacy that was not available in competing applications. The code refactor was also crucial at this point, Rokacom had been suffering with technical debt and as a result, they became unable to enhance their application with new features. We advised on how they should refactor and restructure the codebase, building a solid foundation for all future development on the project.

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