FS Refraktor

An innovative twist on modulated delay effects.


Modulation of effect parameters is a great way to animate your sounds, adding interest and complexity. Typically, we'd use LFOs for this but we wanted to take this a step further, generating all kinds of modulation patterns on the fly.


FS Refraktor is an innovative twist on modulated delay effects. Sitting somewhere between a delay and a flanger, FS Refraktor offers endless possibilities, from rhythmic flanging to chaotic pitch modulation and unpredictable stuttering.


The delay section enables a variety of time based effects from traditional echoes to modulated flange and chorus effects. We combine an LFO with a unique sample and hold based sequencer to generate modulation patterns for the delay. And the filter section shapes the frequency content using a variety of filter types with overdrive.

FS Refraktor in Cubasis
FS Refraktor in Garageband


FS Refraktor is compatible with both iPad and iPhone and is available now on the App Store. FS Refraktor is also available as part of our Time and Space Bundle which also features FS Reverser Delay and FS FreezeVerb.

"I’m loving the sounds that this thing can conjure up. Can go from very light ornamentation, like making the hats a bit more spikey, to full on melodic feedback sequencing as the track rolls on."

- AudioBus Forum User