Dedicated to everything audio, music and mobile.

We are FutureSonic, an audio app development agency specialising in audio and music technology for mobile devices. With our deep knowledge of all things digital audio and DSP, we build unique, creative and expressive audio applications.

Music and Audio App development services


Our FS audio apps and Audio Unit plugins are designed to be intuitive and easy to use, bringing pro-studio sound processing to iOS devices.


We work directly with audio and music companies around the globe to build new technologies and experiences for music enthusiasts.


Through our R&D activities, our goal is to push the audio capabilities of mobile devices and champion mobile as a viable platform for sonic exploration.

We are FutureSonic

A highly-skilled technical team dedicated to everything audio, music and mobile. We create audio products for the consumer market and work directly with audio and music companies in an agency capacity to develop amazing software that offers users new ways to create, perform and interact with music and sound. We live and breathe the work we do and our goal is simple: to serve all of our users, clients and partners, who share our passion for audio technology and to offer our deep knowledge and extensive experience to build next-level mobile software. Embracing the future of audio technology, we are mobile-first and our work extends the frontiers of sonic exploration, music production and live performance.

Audio and Music Technology Specialists

We work with a broad range of technologies to build audio and music applications.

Core Audio

Using AVAudioEngine and Core Audio, we build highly customised audio engines and new audio technologies.


We are core team members on the leading open-source audio framework, contributing to new features and customisations.


Superpowered is our choice for Android and cross-platform support, and heavy signal processing.

Audio Units

We are proud to be part of the mobile music community, embracing AUv3 as the next big step in iOS music production.


For simpler projects, we rapidly build audio/visual applications using Apple's high-level frameworks.


We are specialists in low-level, real-time audio applications and signal processing techniques.

Our Work

Digital Signal Processing
Speech Analysis and Synthesis
3D Audio
Research and Development
Music Production Software
Musical Instruments
Digital Effects
MIDI tools
Music Visualisers
Augmented Reality
Immersive Experience
Sound Analysis Tools
Core ML
Systems Integration

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