FS FreezeVerb

Create ambient drones & textural soundscapes.


Along with EQ and compression, reverb is an indispensable tool in any producer’s arsenal - whether it’s for creating a sense of space, helping a mix gel or creating left-field sound design. We wanted to build a reverb that could be used in traditional production and live jamming scenarios.


FS FreezeVerb is a lush sounding iOS reverb app, perfect for both subtle ambience and cavernous reverberation. With its clear and simple design, FS FreezeVerb makes it easy for users to dial in their ideal reverb settings, complete with visualisation of the virtual room and it's unique freeze feature.


Among the traditional reverb settings, the defining feature of FS FreezeVerb is its unique Freeze function. When turned on, the reverb signal at that particular moment is ‘frozen’ and continues indefinitely instead of decaying as it normally would. This function offers a range of creative opportunities for users, excellent for creating droning ambient textures.

FS FreezeVerb's room visualiser
FS FreezeVerb in Cubasis


FS FreezeVerb is compatible with both iPad and iPhone and is available now on the App Store. FS FreezeVerb is also available as part of our Time and Space Bundle which also features FS Reverser Delay and FS Refraktor.

"This is just spectacularly beautiful and I will have to buy it!! Epic app😎😁."

- YouTube User