FS Reverser Delay

Spacious echoes to wild sonic manipulation.


Delay is the foundation of a huge range of sound design techniques, from subtle mixdown enhancements to wild sonic manipulation. With creative outcomes in mind we set out to build a delay with a unique twist, offering users new and unusual sonic possibilities.


FS Reverser Delay is an infinitely useful delay effect. Sculpt your ideal delay sound with independent control of left and right delay channels and a unique reverse mode. The Reverser Delay makes experimentation simple with an easy to understand user interface.


The Reverser Delay gives the user separate control over the delay time and feedback for each channel, plus a state-variable filter to sculpt the tone of the delay. And the crown jewel of the Reverser Delay is its reverse mode. Users can reverse the delay signal for either the left or right delay channels (or both), allowing for sonic experimentation and unique creative outcomes.

Control left and right channels independently
FS Reverser Delay in Cubasis


FS Reverser Delay is compatible with both iPad and iPhone and is available now on the App Store. FS Reverser Delay is also available as part of our Time and Space Bundle which also features FS FreezeVerb and FS Refraktor.

"Very, very nice reverse delay AU."

- Doug, The Sound Test Room